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Prototype for public use evaluated

We’re proud to announce, that the Intuaid-Team finalized and evaluated a prototype based on the results of our cooperation with the Muthesius University of Art and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

The interface design refers to the conceptual work of Danny Stoermer whilst the underlayed algorithm was designed by Lasse Siegel and Christopher Klupp (both Hamburg University of Applied Sciences).

The evaluation took place in two study cases designed by Lasse and Christopher, where groups of test persons were confronted with a realistic simulation of a cardiac arrest and a major car accident. While one group had to tackle both scenarios without any assistance on first aid mesaures, the test persons of the second group received assistance from the Intuaid prototype executed on a regular smartphone.

Body sensors metering heart rate and electrodermal activity were attached to all test persons before and during the excercise in order to evaluate their behavior under the impression of an emergency situation in comparison to their normal state. In addition questionaires were filled out by the test persons and the casualties to document their individual impressions during the exercises. To give an objective impression of the differences in first-aid quality all events have been recorded and analysed after the events.

The Intuaid Team will continue to work on an application for the general public and dive deeper into the actual development as well as extending the research for a rescue-service-version, which will be designed for non-professional rescue teams and covers assistance on first-aid measures in high-stress environments as well as case documentation and case data communication.

More news, such as schedule and release dates, on the application for general public will be coming by the end of 2016. Intensive field tests with volunteer rescue services are planned for Q2/Q3 in 2017.


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